Frequently Asked Questions

hyper is a project that’s under active development, and is in early alpha. As a result, there are plenty of rough edges and bugs. This section of the documentation attempts to address some of your likely questions.

If you find there is no answer to your question in this list, please send me an email. My email address can be found on my GitHub profile page.

What version of the HTTP/2 specification does hyper support?

hyper supports the final version of the HTTP/2 draft specification. It also supports versions 14, 15, and 16 of the specification. It supports the final version of the HPACK draft specification.

Does hyper support HTTP/2 flow control?

It should! If you find it doesn’t, that’s a bug: please report it on GitHub.

Does hyper support Server Push?

Yes! See Server Push.

I hit a bug! What should I do?

Please tell me about it using the GitHub page for the project, here, by filing an issue. There will definitely be bugs as hyper is very new, and reporting them is the fastest way to get them fixed.

When you report them, please follow the contribution guidelines in the README. It’ll make it a lot easier for me to fix the problem.


Further questions will be added here over time. Please check back regularly.